with Gary Black, Chris Conroy & John Walker.

  • Celebrity Deaths: Ken Barrie & Vivian Gray
  • Stephen Manghan hasn't died
  • Byron Burger's Blatant Bi-facededness
  • Soft drink sugar tax: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar & Irn-Bru Extra
  • Ban Hammer: People doing themself out of work

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TB 031 - Some Lumps Are Bigger Than Others

Gary Black, Chris Conroy, John Walker & Shannon Travers discuss Morrisey's Discoveries, Zorbing Adventures & Tinder Tales.

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TB 005 - Are You Gonna Go My Snickers

Gary Black, Chris Conroy & John Walker discuss Middle East peace, badger culls, court cases & how Sean Batty will save us all!!!

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TB 004 - Paint Me Like Your French Girls

Gary Black, Chris Conroy & John Walker discuss Shrodinger's cat, Schumacher's hat & Shyrian weaponsh being shipped by the Danesh.

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